OST Energy rebrands to RINA Consulting

OST Energy is pleased to announce that, from 1st June 2017, the business will be rebranded as RINA Consulting. OST forms a major part of the Renewable & Sustainability Business Unit within RINA Consulting. This follows the acquisition of OST's parent company, Edif ERA (ERA Technology Ltd) by the RINA Group in July 2016.

With a history going back 150 years, RINA Group is a global corporation that provides engineering and consultancy services, as well as testing, inspection and certification. In 2016 the RINA Group had an estimated turnover of over 450 million Euros, with approximately 4,000 employees, and 170 offices in 65 countries worldwide.

RINA Consulting is the engineering consultancy division of the RINA Group and comprises several internationally respected brands including OST Energy, Edif ERA and D'Appolonia. These specialist firms unite into a single organisation, sharing the common brand identity of RINA Consulting.

Wind energy

OST Energy and its advisors have worked on more than 60 GW of onshore and offshore wind power projects and have been involved in over $30 billion of operating plants around the world.

Our team has accumulated extensive experience in technical due diligence and analysis roles, providing engineering input and wind studies.

Energy Storage

As ESS solutions enter the commercial mainstream, the key to unlocking investment capital for an individual development is establishing robust service revenue streams across the lifetime of a plant which has the potential to deliver one or more of these cited benefits.

Our expertise covers the complete range of system types and capabilities including:

  • Grid balancing and support systems including Virtual Power Plants
  • PV and wind generator co-located systems for firming capacity and resolving settlement imbalance
  • Continuity of power from renewable generators in weak grid, micro-grid and stand-alone situations
  • Stand-alone systems

Environmental services

We provide consulting services to project developers, land owners, businesses and lenders to help identify, manage and mitigate environmental, permitting and social risks associated with renewable energy projects.

Our consultancy services also enable clients to understand and manage their corporate sustainability performance.